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Branding, Logo design


Logo Design,
Business cards,
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Studio Basheva pride themselves for designing light spaces, and meeting the clients budgets within the given time frame. They have an extensive experience in a wide range of projects from urban master planning, projects in education, and high-end residential refurbishments.

Project goals

The client request for the logo was that we have a very minimalistic graphical symbol preferably with the initials of the studio or some other simple abstract and rectangular shape. We made a few iterations where I offered many concepts. We've tried the letters to look like a technical drawing, a parquet pieces, opened doors, solid block cut out so that each side looks like some of the letters "S" or "B", or abstract grid of geometry shapes looking like glass buildings. Finally we've settled on a concept of isometric view of the letters that look like they're a kind of origami.

Studio Basheva concepts


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  • Studio Basheva Typography

    Apart from designing the logo, I've provided a guidance for typographical hierarchy that can be used in their website to bring more cohesive brand image.

  • Studio Basheva business cards

    Another service included in the branding package was the design of business cards. I continued in the same fashion with the isometric angles and cut the architect's image in similar way. We've decided that vertical layout will be better so that we can have more space to present images with light on the back side of the cards. They are 10 different cards depending on the photo, so you can know the taste of your client when they pick one.