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Branding, Logo design


Creative Idea,
Logo Design,
Branding guide


The client is a bulgarian writer. He uses his storytelling skills in copywriting backed up by his education in Literature in Aberdeen. This project was for branding his personal website where he is posting his own "almost believable stories".

Project goals

The client requested that there's something imaginary like an animal character in the logo so that it will correspond well with the name of his blog "Fictions". We thought together about different animals that could be representing his character, and believe me he's a big man, that's why we finally settled for a bear. In order to show that this logo is related to intellectual work as writing, I've included a book, old-style eye glasses and a mortarboard hat

Fictions bear sketch


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  • Fictions Brandguid

    The style I chose was a vintage one, using serif fonts with italic cursive as I wanted to emphasize the writing art that the client is practicing. After finalizing the logo, I've created a short brand guide with some typography recommendations, color palette as well as some additional graphical elements to spice up the design such as coffee cup marks and ink spills.