Unio Isometric screens

Project type:

Sales Dashboard


UI/UX Design


Unio is a concept for a modern sales dashboard. It includes not only the most important metrics for a sales person but also a collaboration section, where teams can exchange files, direct message and participate in discussions. The app also makes following leads pipeline easy and actionable.

Project goals

Research: This included interview with people working in the field of marketing & sales in order to get overview of which are the most suitable metrics to show, as well as a competition analysis and comparison.

Problems: Main problem for this project was how to present data-heavy content in an easy to understand way. Another challenge was how to display multiple hiearchy of board > file > discussion in one screen.

Approach: Initially there was only a vague wireframe sent as requirement to me, but I've decided to include a few usefull additions in the header as search functionality as well as notification and direct messaging controls. I've decided to place the main navigation on the left so that there's more vertical space for the main content, and also this sidebar could collapse on smaller resolutions.

Unio Dashboard Metrics


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  • Unio - Boards List

    The collaboration part included two different directions - direct messaging (chat) and boards for uploading files. That's why I had to come up with a compact presentation so that it saves space for the file list. The list of boards has a short overview of the main stats for a single board (number of files and discussions as well as a short description) and is also fixed while scrolling through the files so that user can change boards easily.

  • Unio - Files List

    Board edit control and uploading of file take the top placement of this section. The file list is made easier to navigate by including search and sort functionalities. Each file container shows the most important information as size and date of upload, and below it is the discussion ribbon. A cool idea that I came up with was to include invite button for increasing the efficiency of collaboration within the team. When clicking "see discussion" it expands to show all the comments regarding the file with an option to like or reply a particular comment. Thus the user navigates easier between files and boards, without switching screen context.

  • Unio - Mobile Preview

    For the mobile version I've stripped the top bar and left only the essentials, and main app functionality is accessible with a bottom fixed navigation. Wider elements like summary metrics and comparison line chart were made to be horizontally scrollable.

Unio - Final Screens