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  • Domestico Sketch

    The process always starts with a pencil and paper sketch to get out my ideas.

  • Domestico Bath Illustration

    The kitchen illustration is one of my favourite in this project - a sexy girl enjoying a hot bathtub.

  • Domestico Header Illustration

    The first illustration that users see when they visit the website. It sends out the message that the services here can satisfy all your home building needs.

  • Domestico Kitchen Illustration

    This illustration represents an average family's morning routine - everyone's preparing for school or work, having breakfast and the responsible dad cleaning the dishes!

  • Fireplace illustration

    Cold winter, a young family is resting around the fireplace, the toddler is playing near the warmth and the dog is quietly sleeping.

  • Tools Illustration

    Illustrating the variety of tools that the company offers by drawing a home project of putting up a hammock - measuring, drilling etc.