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Maxxus is a German brand with 20 years of experience in producing high-quality gym equipment and accessories. They are offering wide range of products including treadmills, crosstrainers, massage chairs etc. The company proudly claim that the ration between quality and price that they offer is suitable not only for big gyms but also for office areas and homes. The project was realized while working with Stenik Group


Project goals

The clients wanted to present them fresh concept and ideas so we didn't have many technical or design limitations in the beginning. Main goal was to have minimalist style design in order to not overwhelm user with lots of information but send him the feeling of high-quality products. Also emphasize main categories with icons, thus making the user look through different type of products while shopping. They also wanted as few filters as possible.



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  • Maxxus Product Listing page

    Having main categories in one dropdown along with just few important links was crucial for the minimalistic style and clean look of the design. In the listing page they were represented by clean line icons. Product comparison was implemented by an sticky bottom-fixed ribbon. User adds products by checkbox contained in every product box. It has convenient switch for hiding most of it for compactness and shortcut for clearing all products with a single click.

  • Maxxus - Product details page

    The specific thing here was, that the client wanted to have really big pictures for product, so we showed just the basic minimum of information in the remaining right narrow column. We added also company's benefits under buy button in order to help for bigger conversion rate.

  • Maxxus Shopping Cart page

    The shopping cart page is pretty standart. We highlighted the constant free delivery message with different color. and the additional buying option buttons were also in secondary button style, including payment method logo.

Mobile version

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