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Web Design,
UI/UX Consultation


A web platform connecting customers with home repair service providers, show map of shops and useful tips. User can publish a repair work, choose a service provider and chat with it within the inferface.


Project goals

The project development and functionality has already started when client contacted me. They needed redesign and some UI/UX tips so that the platform can be more convenient for the different type of users. So my role was to give visual design consistency across screens as well as consulting about usability and UX. Goals


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  • Remonti - How it works page

    The screen shows "How-it-works" page. The web portal has 3 main functionality that I had to think of way to clearly separate them - find a handyman, find shop and find useful tips. Apart from that finding a handyman had been further separated into finding, publishing your problem and let other people offer you service, and take advantage of website's recommendations. That's why my role was to present the structure in this graphic and informative way.

  • Remonti Profile Page

    One of the most visited pages in this type of websites is profile of the service provide. That's why the information had to be presented in compact and ordered way. For this reason the most important stuff as rating, phone, email and working time are show along with icons, and description is limited to few rows and a link to "see more". Services are in the brand color red because they are also links taking you to a page with all the profiles offering this particular service. This is a screen of your profile - only difference is that it's editable.

  • Remonti Services listing

    The most visited page is listing of service provider and it's straightforward. Having just s few filters made me decide to put them on top. Provider's box is again compact and shows only contact information and rating. All Screens

Client Testimonials

I am extremely pleased with the work of Georgi Tsvetkov. His work is highly creative, and he had professional and correct attitude. I have no remarks and I would again use his web design services. I strongly recommend him!

Dobrin Dimitrov
Founder of