Inkode logo

Project type:



Vector Art


Inkode is an individual who has a great start in Front-end development. He wanted to go to next level and start freelancing so he needed a logo for his new website.

Project goals

The client wanted to have logo that could represent not only his skills in development but also his passion for web design. We decided that classic brackets symbol is OK for the development part, and put something in between for his art side. I come up with the ink pen, because it was also part of the name and went for a front perspective in order to have something simetrical and still in good dimensions for logo. The process went from outline, then coloured with gradients, but finally client decised to have something in between, so flat design was the way to go.

inkode goals

Client Testimonials

I am very happy with the final results. The communation was excellent and the delivery took no longer than 2 days. I recommend him as a good designer.

Marios Pittas
Freelancer, Web Developer