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Dress4Less is a retail bisness selling famous sport brands like Addidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok etc. at an affordable prices and great discounts. The company has shops in many of the biggest cities on the east side of Bulgaria. The project was realized while working with Stenik Group


Project goals

It was requested by the client that their business benefits, that are represented by icons and should be present on almost every single page. As they are using a lot of banners for promo offers etc. we had to present them a block with customizable banners, that can be both visually interesting but not very busy - target audience are young people with low to average income. Last but not least - in the listing we had to compact the content in the product box in a way that we show color variants and sizes on mouse hover. Banner block has modern puzzle/mozaic type of layout where individual banners don‘t have any margin and form interesting and visually pleasing grid. Good photo combined with gradient and almost transparent button - was successful combination for easy customizable banner.



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  • Dress4Less - Product Listing

    I choose icons and style for the client‘s benefits, and after discussion finally decided to put them in a ribbon just below the main navigation, but had to make them small and compact as possible. Product Listing box has a lot of elements so typographical hierarchy and caution had to be taken into account. Labels have shadow so they can standout. And on hover the main call-to-action is in the center of the photo thus not taking additional space, that was needed for colour variants and sizes. We didn‘t want the product box to grow very big in height as with lower resolutions users will hardly see more than one row of products, so we decided to have colour variants shown on the left by expandind the product box on hover.

  • Dress4Less - Product Details Page

    The challenge for product details page was to keep the mosaic style consistent but separate sections with different content. For "complete outfit" section I decided to go for a centered content as most of the time there are only 2-3 products that go along with the main one.

  • Dress4Less - shopping cart.

    Shopping cart page has very minimalistic style but still shows all the needed information in a visually pleasing way.

  • Dress4Less - News Page

    News details page was decided to not have the left sidebar but keep the content wrapper width in order to have big photo at the beginning. Shortening width of paragraphs and titles was needed to maintain readability.

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