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Kamenitza is the first bulgarian beer, dating back to 1881. The brand has won many awards during the course of years and has a wide portfolio of products. The project was realized while working with Mediabasket.


Project goals

The advertising campaign of Kamenitza Dark had to raise interest in Dark Beer consumers. One of the goals was to change consumers' association of winter with the appropriate season for dark beer, and widen it to all of the dark months. The slogan of the campaign was "For a bit of change..."

Kamenitza Dark Goals


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  • Kamenitza Dark Flashlight effect.

    One way to catch users attention and make them stay longer on the page, was to make the Flashlight effect, where everything is dark and only your mouse cursor "lights" the content. This symbolizes the dark months when this beer is appropriate for drinking. Also user's curiosity for exploration is triggered.

  • Kamenitza Dark Flip Card content

    Main topic of the advertising campaign was change of the everyday routine - so here we used flip card effect when clicking one of the 4 containers. Depending on your present location, the site gives you suggestion to make something different and engaging socially with environment.